Yoga Therapy meets Birth: Boston Doula Services     


Ever since I witnessed my wife labor our daughter into the world, I have been drawn into the world of birth. I started volunteering to support my friends through their labor and learned so much through each unique birth experience. These births also inspired me to train more officially as a doula through Holistic Beginnings.

With my birth doula clients, we explore all the ways we can create the conditions for empowerment, resiliency, endurance, strength and listening to your body's wisdom -- no matter what the birth process is. No judgment, no shame around any particular choice -- just creating the conditions for informed, empowered choice each step of the way.  

As doula I provide physical, mental, energetic and emotional support through prenatal meetings, prenatal yoga therapy, during active labor, a postpartum meeting, and postpartum yoga therapy to process the birth and parenting experience.

To explore if we would be a good match for doula support in your prenatal, labor and delivery process, you can schedule a free phone consult or an in-person doula services interview at my Roslindale office. I'm currently booking sliding scale doula clients through December.