Mentoring & Coaching for Yoga Professionals

The work of yoga is both rewarding and challenging. It takes courage and creativity to offer healing services into the world -- let alone build a livelihood based upon them. We can all benefit from some outside support to help us step into our power, pursue our big vision, and turn dream scenarios into practical realities. Alex brings her experience in business management, interpersonal psychology, marketing and personal development into her mentoring work. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and worked in the desk-based job market for 10 years before becoming a full-time yoga teacher, workshop facilitator and yoga therapist.

Mentorship will help you:
- Evolve your skills so that you can offer your fullest capacity and presence to your students/clients
- Strengthen your professional (and personal!) intuition
- Take immediate next-step-action towards your goals
- Transform road blocks into illuminating growth opportunities
- Find your true voice and authentic expression
- Find "your people" who can't wait to work with you


Alex’s coaching is the perfect blend of practical knowledge, support, brainstorming wisdom and streamlining. Her calm, yet strong and active presence, helped me to gain clarity and confidence while providing me with a framework to find my own rhythm and to trust myself. The best part? She integrates the body into all of the work we do together, modeling for me how I can use my own body as a tool for both idea generation and inner guidance.
— Rachel S, Yoga Teacher & Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
When I reached out to Alex, I felt that I could use some extra support in developing my yoga therapy business. Alex really listened to me as I pinpointed where I was at and where I would like to be. She helped me hone in on my strengths as well as my weaknesses, and supported me in clarifying how I could move forward, tangibly and effortlessly, in closer approximation to my own personal truths and values. Our call served as a reminder that everything I need is inside me. It was just what I needed to refresh my approach to marketing and business, and get myself out there in a way that reflects my genuine authenciticy.
— Sarah B, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
Invaluable as Yoga Teacher Trainee Mentor. Alex is consistently an invaluable & trustworthy resource during my 6 months in yoga teacher training. She is flexible & ready to work on areas needing more time & attention, like practical business guidance, & identifying/working on areas of growth as a teacher. Our work keeps me centered, grounded, & focused as I begin this chapter in my yoga practice and career. She effortlessly integrates her yoga therapy skills into our sessions, so that I leave balanced on a practical and spiritual level.
— Sara V, Yoga Teacher Trainee
When I first started I was scared to venture into the yoga lifestyle alone. Having Alex mentor me has been the most rewarding experience! By studying with her I’ve discovered myself as a teacher and finally feel 100% confident enough to start my teacher training and continue to inspire others just like Alex has done for me!
— Caroline S, Aspiring Yoga Teacher