About Yoga Therapy for Couples

Yoga Therapy for Couples goes way beyond problem solving your issues.  Instead, sessions open up a whole new gateway for connection so that you can grow together.

Sessions involve partnered yoga poses with dialogue facilitated by the yoga therapist, Alex Bauermeister. This way, the dialogue between you comes from a meditative, embodied place, not just from your head or volatile emotions.

Experience with yoga is *not* required to engage with Couples Yoga Therapy. However, it does help when both partners are open to this kind of personal growth work. (But it's okay for one partner to be more on board than the other.)

Couples Yoga Therapy can help your relationship on many fronts:

  • Build trust & improve communication
  • Practice emotional intimacy, greater openness and deeper connection
  • Help turn relationship conflicts into growth opportunities
  • Shine a light on unhelpful relationship dynamics so those can transform
  • Help establish new habits and practices that nourish your relationship in day-to-day life

NEXT STEPS: First step is to explore whether yoga therapy is right for you -- whether as individuals or as a couple. You can book a free phone consultation or go right ahead into an Intake Session ($125). You can also attend an Intro to Yoga Therapy mini-workshop ($25 per person), held once a month. You can manage all scheduling online, or email alex@intrayogatherapy.com.