About Yoga Therapy for Individuals

Yoga Therapy blends the best of psychology and yoga to help you:

  • Alleviate anxiety & depression
  • Relieve stress & tension
  • Process & release trauma
  • Befriend your body & heal pain
  • Get unstuck & create positive life change
  • Generate more joy & contentment
  • Improve your relationship to yourself & others

Rather listen than read about Yoga Therapy? Here's a video interview all about Yoga Therapy!

Intra Yoga Therapy can help you start a radically compassionate relationship with yourself. Sessions will nurture your body/heart/mind. You'll discover the tools you need to interrupt self-defeating habits and make positive, powerful shifts in your life.

How does Intra Yoga Therapy work? Sessions combine movement and verbal processing in a meditative way that gets you out of your mind and into your body. This mind/body therapy is a great complement or alternative to psychotherapy, thanks to the addition of bodywork, movement, breathing techniques and mindfulness tools. Each one-on-one session is uniquely tailored to you and held at Alex Bauermeister's private practice in Roslindale. Most clients embark on a yoga therapy journey of weekly or bi-weekly appointments for a period of time, and then move on to occasional tune-up sessions.

How's this different from Physical Therapy? Intra Yoga Therapy is based in the approach of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, which allows healing to happen in the mind, heart, body and spirit -- all at once. This approach is based on scientific evidence that shows that we hold emotion, memory, trauma and association in our bodies. When movement and verbal processing happen at the same time, there is the opportunity for release. The entire session is designed to empower you with your own inner wisdom, self-knowledge and deeper awareness from which action naturally flows.

How's this different from Yoga Classes or Talk Therapy? While regular yoga classes can provide powerful healing to students, Yoga Therapy takes this a step further with the addition of therapeutic dialogue, hands-on assists and the full attention of the Yoga Therapist. Sometimes the therapeutic process involves feeling the original emotions and sensations that we didn't have the chance to feel, express and release at the time of the actual event. Even though our mind may have processed, reviewed and analyzed, our body might have unresolved business. Re-experiencing and releasing trauma through the body in a safe setting allows healing to happen on a deep level.

What is the cost investment for yoga therapy? First-time sessions are $125 for 45min and include an intake process. Discounted package plans are available for weekly and bi-weekly clients. Sliding scale application available upon request. I am unfortunately not able to take insurance as a yoga therapist.

Ready to try a Yoga Therapy session? You can book your first yoga therapy session online by selecting "New Client 1st Yoga Therapy Session".

I took so much away from this yoga therapy session ... I realized how well my body and mind respond to a combination of talking and movement.
— Yoga Therapy Client
Alex Bauermeister