Client Experiences

Can't say enough good things!
"Alex is AMAZING. I have explored so much of myself in my work with her over the past six months. So grateful to her. She creates such a safe, comfortable container and I am able to feel so authentically ME when I am working with her. She really guides you in going deep into the layers of yourself and finding places of stillness, awareness, and compassion. I would recommend IYT to anyone looking to open some space within themselves, explore mindfulness and mind/body connection, and go deep."
- AW, February 2016

Great Experience
"I had my first session with Alex last week and really enjoyed it. As a psychologist, I didn't know what to expect with this type of therapy. I found that it was thought provoking, and I gained an important insight from just a single session. In addition, it was relaxing and rejuvenating. "
- SR, August 2015

Yes Intra Yoga Therapy!
Alex is truly the best! She is a wonderful teacher and yoga therapy is exactly what I didn't know was missing in my life. I have learned more about my mind, body, and heart in the month I've been seeing Alex than in this whole past year of trying to get to the bottom of things by myself. The great thing about Alex and yoga therapy is that she is so supportive, and there for you, but I'm the one who teaches myself what the issues are and how to help myself. Everyone should do yoga therapy w/ Alex.
- LP, May 2015

Highly recommend!
Alex is a truly gifted teacher and therapist. Her warm and compassionate presence and her skill as a teacher and therapist have given me a new sense of attunement with my body and helped me in the practice of turning self judgement into genuine curiosity and open-heartedness -- both in my yoga practice and in life. I highly recommend anyone with a curiosity about yoga therapy to give it a try!
- LW, April 2015

Alex is a gift!
Alex is a true diamond in the rough. Her gentle, intuitive guidance in practice is just what I was hoping to find to begin my home yoga practice and also deepen and strengthen my practice in group classes. She helps build my confidence, spiritually and physically. It is a true gift to work with her in any capacity.
- CN, March 2015

Path to Healing
Alex helped me start a path back to yoga and healing all parts of myself. Doing this program helped me gain perspective on what areas I needed to focus on and daily activities I could do to promote my wellness.
- KB, February 2015

Alex is incredible!
I've been going to private sessions with Alex for a few months now, and my only regret is not starting sooner! Not only is she very knowledgeable about yoga and meditation, but she's also a very warm and helpful person. I learn something new at every one of her sessions - important things that have put me on the road to a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. I can't wait to continue my yoga practice with Alex and I encourage you to do the same!
- JC, February 2015

Best teacher there is!
Alex has taught me so much since I began my yoga experience with her. I was new to yoga and needed some guidance and I am so happy I found her! Every class I learn so much about myself and my practice that benefits in my outside world. Since beginning her classes, I have been able to see life in a new perspective. I've learned how to handle my emotions and reactions in a yogic way which has only brought me so much peace within myself and my work. I can't thank her enough!!
- CS, October 2014