Yoga Therapy for Individuals & Couples

Individual Yoga Therapy combines yoga-inspired postures, mindful movement, breath focus and verbal processing for mind-body healing. Boston, MA

Individual Yoga Therapy combines yoga-inspired postures, mindful movement, breath focus and verbal processing for mind-body healing.
Boston, MA

Yoga Therapy for Individual Clients

Yoga Therapy blends the best of mind-body psychology and yoga to help you heal, grow and thrive. These sessions are 1-on-1 and totally individualized to you, based on where you are now, what you’re reconciling from your past, and where you hope to go in your future. Working from a personalized intention for each session, we combine movement and breathing with verbal processing, and sometimes bodywork, to create a state of embodiment and presence. When you get out of your head and into a state of embodiment, mental and emotional processing happens at a visceral, integrated level. New awareness, new neural pathways, and new clarity emerges — not just intellectually from your head, but across all layers of your being.

Benefits of Individual Yoga Therapy

  • Befriending and calming anxiety

  • Demystifying and alleviating depression

  • Relieving physical stress & tension in day-to-day life

  • Processing & releasing traumatic experiences

  • Responding effectively to your own nervous system in daily life

  • Getting unstuck & creating momentum for life change

  • Finding more joy & contentment in life

  • Improving relationships with self & others

  • Accelerating the effects of traditional talk therapy if you’re concurrently working with a psychotherapist

I have a deep reverence for trauma healing. Some clients identify with having a trauma history, while others don’t feel like their challenging life experiences “count” as trauma. Regardless, we approach the yoga therapy experience with deep attunement to your nervous system, befriending your stress/trigger responses, and exploring what creates safety, soothing and relaxation.

Couples Yoga Therapy for relationship growth, combining partner yoga poses and facilitated dialogue for radical (re)connection.  Boston, MA

Couples Yoga Therapy for relationship growth, combining partner yoga poses and facilitated dialogue for radical (re)connection.
Boston, MA

Yoga Therapy for Couples

Yoga Therapy for Couples goes way beyond problem solving your issues.  Instead, sessions open up a whole new gateway for connection so that you can grow together. Sessions involve partnered yoga poses with verbal prompts and facilitated dialogue. This way, the dialogue between you comes from a meditative, embodied place, not just from your head or volatile emotions.

Experience with yoga is *not* required to engage with Couples Yoga Therapy. However, it does help when both partners are open to this kind of personal growth work. (But it's okay for one partner to be more on board than the other.)

Benefits of Couples Yoga Therapy

  • Build trust & improve communication

  • Practice emotional intimacy, greater openness and deeper connection

  • Help turn relationship conflicts into growth opportunities

  • Shine a light on unhelpful relationship dynamics so those can transform

  • Help establish new habits and practices that nourish your relationship in day-to-day life


Yoga Therapy Q&A

How do I get started with yoga therapy?
To explore whether couples yoga therapy is right for you, please can book a free phone consultation or jump right in to an 1st Intake Session ($125 individual, $145 couples). You can also attend an Intro to Yoga Therapy mini-workshop ($25 per person), held about once a month. You can manage all scheduling online, or email

How often do yoga therapy sessions happen, and how long will we work together?
Most clients embark on a yoga therapy journey of weekly or bi-weekly appointments for a concentrated period of time, and then move on to occasional tune-up sessions. For some clients, yoga therapy is a vital ingredient in their ongoing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly self-care routine. I am also happy to engage in short-term work. Each session is 45 minutes.

How is Yoga Therapy different from Physical Therapy?
While this work engages the body, it’s not just about the body. For clients who are looking to address purely physical concerns, I’m not the best match. However, for clients who are trying to manage the physical-mental-emotional interconnections of trauma, stress and tension, let’s work together. I often work with clients dealing with chronic pain, cancer treatment, surgical healing and scar tissue, and persistent tension. We focus on improving your relationship with your body, so that you can be compassionate team mates towards each other.

What kind of training informs this work?
My approach to Yoga Therapy is based my lived experience of trauma and resiliency, along with many hours of rigorous training, including: Kripalu Yoga, Prana Power Yoga Hands-on Assisting Training, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Interaction Institute for Social Change, Soulful Yoga Therapy, Trauma Informed Mind-Body Program, and more. Because I’m not a psychotherapist, I honor a scope of practice that’s appropriate to my training and background.

How is Yoga Therapy different from going to public yoga classes?
While regular yoga classes can provide powerful healing to students, Yoga Therapy takes this a step further with the addition of therapeutic dialogue, hands-on assists and the full attention of the Yoga Therapist working 1-on-1. Yoga classes aren’t necessarily trauma-informed or trauma-responsive. It’s also important to distinguish between yoga classes that are fitness-based versus yoga classes that consider the broad reality of yoga — going beyond physical postures and into the meditative and personal practices of yoga off the mat.

How is Yoga Therapy different from Talk Therapy?
Sometimes the therapeutic process involves feeling the original emotions and sensations that we didn't have the chance to feel, express and release at the time of the actual event. Even though our mind may have processed, reviewed and analyzed, our body might have unresolved business. Re-exploring and releasing trauma through the body in a safe setting allows healing to happen on a deep level.

What is the cost investment for yoga therapy?
First-time sessions are $125 for individuals and $145 for couples. Discounted package plans are available for weekly and bi-weekly clients. Sliding scale application available upon request. I am unfortunately not able to take insurance as a yoga therapist.

How can I learn more?
To listen to a conversation about my work, check out this video interview between myself and Noelle Janka, exploring yoga therapy, trauma and healing themes.