Got Body Wisdom?

You. Stop. Breathe. Read.

Most of us spend the majority of day to day life in our HEADS. Our awareness is clogged with to-do lists, shoulds, wants, fears, judgments, distractions, regrets ... basically lots of crap that keeps us either in the past, in the future, or numb, at the expense of enjoying the present.

So if you weren't in your head, where else could you be? Here's a hint: in your body. To some, that sounds blissfully awesome. To others, the idea of being in your body can be foreign, frightening, impossible, unsafe, cheesy, or plain boring. But here's the thing: our bodies are better truth-tellers than our minds. Your mind is a practiced fiction writer. Your body is a compassionate autobiographer.

So why not learn to read your body's wisdom?

Yeah, you guessed it: there's a workshop for that. "Body Wisdom: 8 weeks to befriend your body, calm your mind & re-inspire your life" starts March 1st in the Boston area. But even if you can't attend the workshop, STOP, breathe and ask yourself 3 things:

  1. What's happening for my body right now?
  2. What's my relationship with my body? Are we friends, enemies, strangers, absentee landlords, or something else?
  3. If I was to listen to my body, what is one action it would want me to take in the next 24 hours?

May you thrive -- in body, heart and mind.