Tell your mind who's boss


So, you're now reading my 3rd draft. Humor me, will ya?

Sometimes the struggle to say something profound gets in the way of authentic communication. I'm totally stuck -- newsletter writer's block. So, I pause. I'm ask myself yoga therapy's magic question: What's happening now? And I notice that I'm all up in my head.

My mind wants to get up on a soap box and say something new/inspiring/motivating. Meanwhile, my body is closing off. My perception narrows as my ego-driven mind slams itself into the driver's seat and takes off, kicking intuition to the curb.

Noticing this, I tune in to the other parts of me. What does my body want? My body wants to simply soften into the moment, let go of agenda, and open up to whatever imperfect wisdom wants to spill from my fingertips. My intuition wants to come through and just share what's true for me now, hoping that it will inspire you to check in with your own truth today.

We are composed of so much more than our silly little amazing brains. We are also body, energy, emotion, and intuition. Ideally, these parts of ourselves collaborate with our mind to navigate life with resilience and grace. But we live in a culture that worships the mind above all else. Sometimes we need some extra tools to re-align our body, heart, and mind -- which is why I teach programs like Urban Awakening, coming up in May in Boston.

They say the mind is an awesome servant, but a terrible master. Which parts of you do you worship the most? Which parts of you get forgotten? How can you throw them a lifeline?
May you thrive.


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