Yoga to recharge this weekend and beyond

Radically Restorative Yoga with Alex Bauermeister

Ah, September.

For many of us this time of year, there's an energetic swing towards the hectic, overly scheduled hustle. This time around, what if you...
... refused to get on the hamster wheel?
... scheduled breathing breaks?
... committed yourself to periodic self-care?

You are an incredibly resourceful, beautiful force of productivity in the world. But you can't refuel your gas tank without pulling off the road every once in a while.

It's not always easy to take a time out -- it takes commitment, healthy boundaries and interpersonal support. But it is possible to engineer some peace into your life. And those moments of peace will amplify your energy so that you can show up fully for everything else.

With Intra Yoga Therapy, you'll find lots of opportunities for mind-body-tune-ups this fall, starting with Radically Restorative Yoga at Akasha Roslindale in Boston THIS SUNDAY 9/13 from 4-6pm!

May you thrive.  ~Alex