Incremental baby steps towards liberation


Dear One,

Now is not the time to unconsciously follow the herd.

Listening for inner guidance, truth and wisdom is a skill that can be honed. Often, it needs to be relearned and reclaimed. It can be practiced by befriending your body and becoming reaquainted with intuition. Self-trust might seem like a hard-earned prize, but it's actually a practice that involves incremental baby steps towards liberation.

That's the kind of yoga I love to teach.

Yet go to any yoga studio, and you'll find lots of teachers convincing you that yoga is one particular thing -- often with the implicit or explicit requirement of "do what I tell you to do or else you're failing yoga". The good news is, you get to decide for yourself. You get to find your own internal practice amidst the abundance of external input. And then the yoga teacher becomes just one source of wisdom among the many within.

Let's empower each other whenever we can. The world needs you conscious, awake and empowered. And feeling loved.