Healing & growth as a lifestyle choice

Dear One,


You don't progress through life linearly. You spiral forward, revisiting familiar lessons and scenarios, just internally changed a bit each time. You might revisit a familiar lesson more guarded, more despaired, and more contracted than the last encounter. Or you revisit the familiar scenario slightly wiser, somehow stronger, and definitely quicker to call the shots.

I think about healing as a lifestyle choice. Bringing an inexaustible growth mindset to all things. Which, by the way, is work. Constant, rewarding, energetically vigorous work.

So what are the practices that fuel your growth? What sustains your healing stamina? What self-inquiry helps you extract wisdom from each f*ck-up?

Browse my monthly offerings to find lots of mindful yoga to support self-study and embodied personal growth work. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just the act of slowing down, calming your fight/flight/freeze response, and getting quiet enough to hear your own wisdom will take you far in fueling your growth mindset.

From my nervous system to yours,

~ Alex