Let the change begin with you

Where do you go when the pain rolls in?

Whether the pain is your own, ancestral, communal or global, where do you go?

Do you go away? Scroll faster? Click "next"? Reach for a treat? Slip under the covers of numbness? Do you freeze into paralysis? Do you lash out? Do you don horse shudders and turn towards the sun?

Now, can you forgive yourself for all the ways you avoid pain? Can you appreciate the instinctual force with which your body & mind turns away from the ache? Can you smile at the part of yourself that cries, "But I don't wanna!!" and fold it into your strong embrace?

And then the work can begin.

When you start the process of changing, you can only see a few steps ahead. You can only see the first few obstacles and the first few opportunities. But then you keep going. You change more. And just like the horizon that advances as you travel forward, you'll encounter obstacles and opportunities that you couldn't see before. And you deal with them, one courageous feat of strength at a time.

At a time when the obvious need to change the world can be paralyzing in its enormity, start with yourself. And so much more will be revealed as you go.

May you thrive,
~ Alex