Radical follow-through

How's your follow-through?

A rare-for-me sports analogy: I had tennis lessons when I was a kid (many life chapters ago in Germany). One lesson stuck with me -- when you're playing tennis, your follow-through on the swing is as important as making contact with the ball. And my little, insecure, unembodied kid self struggled with follow-through after impact. My body's reaction was to stop short of full swing.

Somewhere along the way, we get good at absorbing the impact of things that come flying at us. [I'm not talking about tennis balls anymore.]

We learn to stifle intense experiences when they become too much -- too much for us or the authority figures trying to deal with us. We swallow our anger, passion, disappointment, heartache, despair, joy. We teach ourselves to stop short of feeling in full swing. Our bodies become shock absorbers.

Until, of course, we change. When we start to heal and feel more fully. Following through on experience to its full expression. Externalizing instead of internalizing the momentum of living.

Here's where mindful, therapeutic yoga comes in -- a chance to stop stuffing your inconvenient parts away. A chance to breathe. To feel what you actually feel in your body, heart and essence. And then to follow through on your truth.

I'm here to help with that.

In addition to my monthly restorative workshops (7/22 at JP Centre Yoga and 7/28 at Akasha Studio), I'm teaching additional drop-in Flow & Restore classes the next two Sundays at 6pm at JP Centre Yoga.

May you thrive,


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Photo credit: Harold Edgerton, Tennis Swing, 1949, Los Angeles County Museum of Art