Trust the mess

Life gets messy for all of us. I urge you to not let anyone's outfit, Facebook profile, public persona or small talk convince you otherwise.

Life is a mess of loss and love and disappointment and surprise and blessing and dumbfounding inexplicability.

You might have gotten really good at cleaning up the mess. Compartmentalizing the chaos of what it means to be human. Sometimes controlling the mess is the only way we know not to drown in it.

But what if we all showed up a little messier in the world? What if your messiness allowed someone else to accept their own mess? What if we normalized the ups and downs, the crashes and burns, the ebb and flow, the concurrent paradox of joy and grief?

My classes and workshops are designed to let you show up exactly as you are -- strong, exhausted, hopeful, despairing, elated, heart broken, numb, all of it. This kind of yoga helps you hold space for the mess, to trust it, to let it show you the next step forward.

May you thrive,